Who We Are

We at Deal Me In Games strive to curate a welcoming, inclusive space for anyone and everyone at all stages of their card and tabletop gaming careers. With our massive inventory of trading card game (TCG) singles, sealed TCG product, TCG accessories, board games, tabletop RPG materials, and board game and tabletop RPG accessories, we will do our best to get you what you need. We have experts on staff for each of the major games we carry who know our stock back to front, and all staff members know how to set you on the right track looking for what you want, even if they don’t specialize in the game you’re looking for. For example, Alex, who knows primarily about Pokémon, but doesn’t know the Magic stock quite as well as Evan or Nate, will still be able to get you started looking for all the miscellaneous commons you need for Pauper, or direct you to the right part of the MTG cases to see if we have a Force of Will.

We host weekly events every day we are open and regularly host less frequent, larger events for the major games we carry. We also have an in-house D&D campaign. Customers are welcome to come and use our space for casual gaming anytime they please – we know it can be hard to find an open spot at home for games that take up the entire kitchen table!

Our events calendar can be found here.

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