FNM Format for 1/16/2015

The constructed format for this Friday is Commander. It is 1v1 using the official wizards Commander rules.

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Fate Reforged Prerelease Info

The Fate Reformed Prerelease is apon us this weekend, January 17th and 18th. We are running flights on Saturday at 9am, 1pm and at 6pm a 2 headed giant flight. We are running a flight Sunday at 10 am. Flights are $30 for your first flight and $25 each additional flight that day.

We are also pre-ordering booster boxes at $100 plus tax.

Hope to see you all there!

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The Great Black Friday Weekend Sale of 2014!

Deal Me In Games presents the Great Black Friday Weekend Sale of 2014!
Doors open at 10:00am on Friday, November 28th and the sale lasts until we close our doors Saturday night.

• Booster Boxes (while supplies last)

– All English Booster boxes of Magic: the Gathering (excluding Khans of Tarkir): $94.00 + tax.
– Khans of Tarkir Booster boxes: $100.00 + tax.
– All Foreign Booster boxes of Magic: the Gathering: $90.00 + tax.
– All Yu-Gi-Oh! Booster boxes – $60.00 + tax.
– Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle Pack 3 Booster boxes – $30.00 + tax.
– My Little Pony Booster boxes – $85.00 + tax.
– All Pokemon Booster boxes – $100 + tax.

• MTG Fat Packs and other Sealed products (while supplies last)

– $24.99 + tax for Non-Khans of Tarkir Fat Packs and $29.99 + tax for Khans of Tarkir Fat Packs.
– $5 off Yu-Gi-Oh! Legendary Collections and $5 off Individual MTG Commander Decks.
– $3 off all Pokemon sealded decks.
– All Kaijudo sealed decks $2 + tax each.

• Board Games

– 25% off all board games!!

• Booster Packs

– All MTG (foreign and Englisn) – 3 for $10.00 + tax.
– Yu-Gi-Oh! normally $4 Packs – 3 for $10.00 + tax.
– Yu-Gi-Oh! normally $2 Packs – 5 for $6.00 + tax.
– My Little Pony Packs – 4 for $10.00 + tax.
– Pokemon Packs – 3 for $10.00 + tax.
– All Kaijudo packs – $1 each + tax.

• Misc

– at least 10% off all accessories.
– Sleeves: All Ultra Pro $.50 off.
– Sleeves: All Dragon Sheilds $1 off.
– Sleeves: All Magic 80 count picture sleeves $4.50 + tax each (less that half price)!!!
– Sleeves: All Yu-Gi-Oh! sleeves at least $.50 off.
– 25% off all Playmats.
– All Magic Spindown Dice $.75 each.
– All Deck Boxes 25% off.
– All DnD Boooks 25% off.

• Magic/Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh cards

– All singles in the case 25% off!

Watch Twitter all weekend for Special deals! @DealMeInGames

Stop by DMIG and get ready for the Holidays by stocking up on gifts or just grab some awesome stuff for yourself!

* Please note all sale prices are for Cash or Credit Card transactions only. *

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Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest at DMIG on 10/17 – 10/18

Deal Me In Games is hosting a Pumpkin carving contest for Halloween. You can carve your pumpkin any time on Friday 10/17 or Saturday 10/18 (Saturday is gameday) at the store this weekend or bring in a pre-carved pumpkin and enter it into the contest. The pumpkins are provided free of charge to anyone Drafting or they are $5 for anyone playing Standard. There is a 3 person panel judging the carved pumpkins Saturday night and the winner will be posted. The winner gets to play in all Friday Night Magics in November free of charge! Get Creative!

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Khans of Tarkir Gameday

Be There.

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Deal Me In Games Khans of Tarkir Prerelease Info


Deal Me In Games will be hosting the Khans of Tarkir Prerelease on Saturday 9/20. There are 3 different flights to play:
9 am
1 pm (will start as soon as the 9 am flight ends if if goes past 1 pm so players can play again if interested)
6 pm 2-Headed Giant (will start as soon as the 1 pm flight ends if if goes past 6 pm so players can play again if interested)

Preregistration is as follows:
$25 if registered the end of Friday Night Magic on the 19th
$30 at the door
Multiple flights are $25 each after the first flight if you preregistered or not

Hope to see you all there.

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Grand Prix Trial Orlando – 9/13 at DMIG

Grand Prix Trial Orlando – 9/13 at DMIG
M15 Sealed
Doors open at 11, tournament starts at Noon

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M15 Gameday Information

M15 Game Day is at 6pm, Saturday August 9th. The M15 Game Day scheduled for August 10th unfortunately had to be canceled.

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Pokemon Video Game Tournament and Card Tournament Info for 7/26

Please note our two special Pokemon events next Saturday 7/26. We will have a Pokemon TCG pack tournament starting at 11am and a Pokemon Video Game tournament starting at 2pm. Cost of each event is $5. Each player in the TCG will receive a booster pack of their choice for entering, and prizes will be awarded to the to finishers in each age category. All of the Video Game entry fees will be placed into the prize pool, and prizes will be awarded to the top finishers. Please check the Pokemon web site for video game rules.

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Too Many Games, June 27-29 @ Greater Philadelphia Expo Center


Last year’s Too Many Games convention was a record setter and we are ready to do it all again in 2014. This year’s convention will take place on June 27-29, and will again be held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pa. The folks from TMG have put together a great convention line-up, and DMIG will be running a fun and action filled weekend of gaming events!

Below are the convention hours and ticket prices. Each ticket category comes with additional perks such as t-shirts and free raffle tickets. Please visit the Too Many Games or the Expo center web sites for additional ticket and convention info and directions.

We are recommending that you purchase one of the multi-day passes (3 Day, Mini Boss, or Final Boss) as these are not only the best ticket value, but also the only way to get into the convention on Friday for our special Modern FMN event! Save money, avoid the Saturday lines, get cool extra stuff, play in an exclusive special event, and first shot at all the best convention goodies, sounds like a no brainer!!

Friday Hours (Available ONLY With a 3-Day Pass, Mini Boss Pass, or Final Boss Pass)
3pm – 10pm,

Saturday Hours
10am – 8pm
Saturday Night After Party (Available ONLY with Final Boss Pass)
8pm – ???

Sunday Hours
10am – 5pm

 Ticket Choice

Final Boss    Mini Boss    3-Day Pass    Saturday    Sunday
$100            $50               $30              $25           $15

Deal Me In Games Event Schedule

Friday Night Magic
Format: Modern
Start Time: 7PM
Entry Fee: $5(collected at DMIG booth) + three day pass price
Prizes: 1.5 Booster Packs/player into prize pool divided among top 1/2 of field + FNM promo card

There will also be a special convention prize awarded to one of our Modern FNM players with a minimum value of $50!

Grand Prix Trial – Boston
Format: Modern
Start Time: 11AM
Entry Fee: $5(collected at DMIG booth) + Entry Fee into Convention
1st Place – Booster Box of Modern Masters guaranteed with 8 players + 2 round bye for Grand Prix Boston
2nd-4th: 3 Booster Packs/player in the field of the current set.
Additional prizes based on attendance.
All Weekend
Conspiracy Booster Drafts 
Entry Fee: $15(collected at DMIG booth) + Entry Fee into Convention
Prizes: 6 Booster Packs for each Pod winner
Theros Block Drafts
Entry Fee: $15(collected at DMIG booth) + Entry Fee into Convention
Prizes: 1.5 Booster Packs per player divided between 1st & 2nd
4 Player EDH Pods
Entry Fee: $5(collected at DMIG booth) + Entry Fee into Convention
Prizes: $20 DMIG Table Credit to winner
Modified Constructed
Entry Fee: $5(collected at DMIG booth) + Entry Fee into Convention
Start Time: 12:00PM
Prizes: 1st Place EX Charizard Box Set. Additional Prizes based on attendance.
Pokemon Demo’s All Day
My Little Pony
Demo’s All Day
Dungeons & Dragons
2nd Edition Tournament Scenario (limited to the first 8 players to sign-up)
Entry Fee: Free + Entry Fee into Convention
Start Time: 11:00AM
Prizes: $15 DMIG Table Credit to player receiving highest point total
*An additional D & D or Pathfinder event may be offered based on interest.
Board Games
All Weekend
Settlers of Catan
DC Deck Building
Start Time: Top of each hour as soon as enough players to start play
Entry Fee: $5(collected at DMIG booth) + Entry Fee into Convention
Prizes: Winner receives $5/player DMIG Table Credit

We will be announcing additional events and our special guest artists soon!

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