What is Pauper Quindecim?

Koresko Format, or Pauper Quindecim, is a format drummed up by the Deal Me In Games community. It’s a mix of EDH/Commander and Pauper. Pauper Quindecim requires a 60-card deck and 15-card sideboard where each card is unique. In taking from Pauper, all cards in the deck must have been printed as a common or an uncommon at some point, and must have a printing that is listed at $15 or under, based on the metric of the TCGplayer market price.

Current banned list:

SKULLCLAMP (any printing)

Learn to play Savernake Forest – 03/18

Go an adventure through historic and beautiful Savernake Forest to help the animals prepare for winter!

This 10+, 2-4 player game allows participants to put down paths along the forest floor for Savernake’s inhabitants to travel down. Savernake Forest is a great way to get your kids into tabletop gaming, as well as an excellent choice to bring to extended family game nights, staycations, or holiday get-togethers.

On Saturday, March 18th, We welcome Krystle Heffner to DMIG to give demos on Savernake, starting at 2:00 p.m. Savernake takes just 10 minutes to teach and 30 minutes to play a full game of, so swing by Deal Me In and step food into the wild, wonderful world of Savernake Forest! No reservations necessary.

Our Vintage YGO Formats

As of February 2023, we are hosting Yu-Gi-Oh! vintage casuals with formats that rotate every other week. The formats are:


Yu-Gi-Oh! GOAT Format uses the same card pool as the August 2005 Shōnen Jump Championships in Indianapolis, IN, and gets its name from the popularity of the card Scapegoat at the time.

A great resource for more information about this format, including decklist ideas and more in-person events for this format, can be found here: https://www.goatformat.com/


YuGiOh Edison Format gives players a chance to experience the game as it was 13 years ago, or relive their childhood. It takes its name from the March 2010 final Shōnen Jump Championship in Edison, NJ, and uses the same format that was legal then: all cards up through the 2010 Duelist Pack: Kaiba, and takes into consideration the March 2010 TCG Forbidden and Limited List (found here: https://yugipedia.com/wiki/March_2010_Lists_(TCG) )

Decklists from the titular Edison NJ Tournament can be found here, for reference: https://infinite.tcgplayer.com/…/2010%20SJ%20Edison%20…

Sunday Funday is back with Pauper Quindecim!

Sunday Funday is back with Pauper Quindecim!

Magic the Gathering: Pauper Quindecim is a format the community of DMIG created. This format is a cross between Highlander and Pauper: it is a 60-card deck, a 15-card sideboard, and it is 100% singleton with only commons and uncommons that were printed in paper allowed and all cards over $15 USD being banned (metric used: TCGplayer average price for English lightly played).

Cost is $10
Time is 1pm
Date is 1/29/2023
Fun is immeasurable

If you do not have a deck, and want to play, there will be extra decks on hand for you to use.

This is part of our Sunday-Funday series that takes place the Last Sunday of every month. Stop in for more information.

Holiday FNM Lightcap Celebration

Holiday FNM Lightcap Celebration


Come join us for a holiday Lightcap celebration.

Everyone, Free pizza at 7pm. Feel free to bring snacks or deserts to share with everyone.

Modern Players:
$15 Modern
Cool Prizes
Regular Modern Rules BUT anyone with a holiday themed deck will get special prizes. Some themes might include Christmas Treefolk, Snow (not just snow lands), Red Green jolly decks, White Green Red decks, Snowman decks, ect.

Draft Players:
Special draft, you will appreciate it.

Commander Players:
Any commander players who make a Holiday themed deck to play and can convince me it is a holiday deck get a cool prize if they play it in a game that night.

Come all for a special evening. We will be open late.

Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Weekend (Friday to Sunday) Deals at DMIG

Friday 9am – Midnight

Saturday 11am – 10pm

Sunday Noon – 6pm

All Singles 20% off

All Board Games – 30% off

All Dice – 20% off

All Disc Golf – 20% off

All playmats hanging on wall – 50% off

All $4.99 deckboxes – 30% off

All Dragonshield cube shells – 50% off

All accessories on the white shelves 30% off

All Minis – 30% off

All DND books – 30% off

Chandra Spellbook – 50% off

Unsanctioned starter box – 25% off

Land stations – 40% off

Minis – 25% off

All Magic Pioneer decks – 40% off

All Magic Standard decks – 50% off

All Binders – 20% off

All Pokemon Box Sets – 25%

Pikachu storage bag/deck holders – 50% off

All Metazoo – 33% off

All Digimon – 25% off

All My Hero Academia 50% off

All Relic tokens – 40% off

All Dragon Shields ART – 33% off

All Accessories – At Least 20% off

Magic boxes

Unfinity – 85 Box, Pack – $3

Commander Legends Bualder’s Gate Draft Box – $70, Pack – $4

Commander Legends Bualder’s Gate Set Box – $70, Pack – $5

Commander Legends Bualder’s Gate Bundle – $30

Commander Legends Bualder’s Gate Prerelease Kit – $15

Standard Magic Set Prices

New Capenna Draft Box – $70, Pack – $3

New Capenna Set Box – $80, Pack – $4

Bothers War, Dominaria, Kamigawa Draft Box – $85, Pack – 3 for $10

Bothers War, Dominaria Set Box – $90, Pack – 2 for $10

New Capenna Draft Box – $70, Pack – 3 for $10

Standard Bundles – $30

Standard Prerelease Kits – $15 Capenna, $20 Others

Commander / EDH Decks – 20-40% off

Jumpstart Packs – $4 each

Pokemon boxes

Lost Origins Box – $95, Pack – 3 for $10

Silver Tempest Box – $100, Pack – 3 for $10

All Elite Trainer Boxes ETBs – 25% off

Yugioh boxes

Darkwing Blast Box – $70, Pack – 3 for $10

Battle of Legend Crystal Revenge Box – $60, Pack – 4 for $10

Tactical Masters Box – $70, Pack – 3 for $10

All Mega Tins, Ghost From The Past, All Box Sets – 25% off

All Structure Decks – 20% off

Blue-Eyes Structure Deck – 40% off

Legendary Duelist Season 3 mini boxes – $7, Cube of 8 mini boxes – $50 

Gift Boxes and Bundles / Starter Sets / Dice Bags available also, come in to check them out, all are very good deals!

Brother’s War Prerelease Weekend!

Come join us for our Brother’s War Prereleases!

Events will be held on:

  • Friday, 11/11 @ 7pm ($40 entry)
  • Saturday, 11/12 @ 12pm ($40 entry)
  • 2HG – Saturday, 11/12 @ 6pm ($40 entry per person)
  • Sunday, 11/13 @ 12pm ($40 entry)

Prizes for everyone!!

Regular event prizes:

RecordSet Boosters
4-06 packs
3-0-15 packs
3-14 packs
2-22 packs
1-31 pack
0-41 pack

2HG event prizes:

RecordSet Boosters
3-05 packs each player
2-0-14 packs each player
2-13 packs each player
1-21 pack each player
0-31 pack each player

MTG Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate Prerelease Drafts

MTG Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate Prerelease Drafts

June 3rd, 4th, and 5th at Deal Me In Games!

Format: Commander Draft

Each player gets one Baldur’s Gate Prerelease Pack to draft within their pod. Each one contains:

    3 Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate Draft Boosters

    1 Traditional foil rare or mythic rare from Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate with a foil year stamp

    1 d20

    1 Reusable deck box with divider

    1 MTG Arena code card

When you’re drafting Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate, you’ll take two cards at a time and build a Commander deck containing a minimum of 60 cards. You can add Faceless One to use as your Commander if you can’t find a Commander that fits the color you drafted. And, because you’re drafting your deck, you don’t have to obey the Singleton rule (you can have multiple copies of any card). Lands will be provided for free at the event!

For each Prerelease, players will be organized into pods to draft, and they will be fire on demand ALL DAY all 3 days of the weekend, and then play one game of Commander with their pod.


For each player you eliminate in your pod, you earn 1 Baldur’s Gate Set Booster; if you win the pod, you get 2 Baldur’s Gate Set Boosters; everyone gets 1 Baldur’s Gate Set Boosters just for playing, on top of their other winnings.

Once a Prerelease is over, we are having Baldur’s Gate free play until we start the next draft. If you want to play again with your same decks, it is $6 per person to cover prize support per 4 player pod. Prize payouts will be the same.

Entry Fee: $30 per draft

Draft Pods will be able to fire any time we get 4 players between these times:

Friday, June 3rd


Saturday, June 4th


We can do 2 Headed Giant drafts all day Saturday too. (Same as regular but you draft as a team.)

Sunday, June 5th