Black Friday 2020 Sale

Deal Me In Games BLACK FRIDAY SALE 2020
Friday, Nov. 27th — Sunday, Nov. 29th
Friday 9am-8pm
Saturday Noon-8pm
Sunday Noon-6pm

(table has MTG, Pokemon, Yugioh, Wall Scrolls, Sleeves, Deck Boxes, Minis, games, toys, etc)


Magic: the Gathering:
Draft Booster Boxes – $95
Zendikar Rising
Core 2021
Zendikar Rising Set Booster Boxes $10 off- $120
Commander Legends Booster Box $10 off – $120
Standard Draft Booster Packs – 3 for $10
Set Booster/Commander Legends Booster Packs – 2 for $10
Prerelease Kits 50% off – $15!!!!!!!!!!!
Zendikar Rising
Core 2021
Bundles – 25% off
All Challenger Decks – 50% off – $10
All Theme Boosters – $4
Signature Spellbook: Chandra 35% off – $13
Planeswalker Decks – 25% off
Commander Decks – 25% off
Arena Starter Kits – 30% off
Zendikar Rising Commander Decks – 50% off!!!
Prime Slime Secret Lair – $45
6 Foot Ikoria Table Playmat Brand New – 33% off (only have 1)

Phantom Rage Booster Box – $70
Phantom Rage Booster Packs – 3 for $10
Structure Decks (excluding Spirit Charmers) – 25% off
Spirit Charmers Structure Decks – 10% off
Speed Duel Starter Decks – 50% off
Maximum Gold – 25% off
2020 Tin of Lost Memories – 25% off
Legendary Duelist Season 1 – 33% off

Champion’s Path Elite Trainer Boxes – $10 off!!!
Theme Decks – 30% off
Box Sets & Tins – 25% off
Booster Packs – 3 for $10
Lunch Box Treasures – 25% off
Orbeetle V Box Set – 33% off!!!
Zacian V League Battle Deck – 33% off!!!
Sealed Build and Battle (10 pack) Vivid Voltage – 20% off – $400 (only have 1)

Dungeons & Dragons:
25% off all books
25% off all miniatures
25% off all Dice

Dark Souls / Warhammer / Bones Minatures:
25% off all

30% off all playmats!
25% off sleeves, binders, deck boxes, playmat tubes & dice!
Dragon Shiled ART Sleeves 33% off!!!

Board Games:
40% off everything!
Moop’s Monster Mashup Munchkin – 75% off!!!!!! (limit 1 per person, 11 available)
KeyForge Decks – $5 each

All Toys – 25% off

All Single Pops – 50% off!!!

Box Sets 80% off
Booster Packs $1 each!!

Disc Golf:
All Discs 10% off
All Bags 25% Off
Portable Disc Basket 33% off (only have 1)

DMIG Open Hours

Deal Me In Games will be open noon-8pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and noon-6pm on Sunday going forward for the foreseeable future.


The bathroom and gaming area is closed to customers but we have new products.

Hope to see everyone stopping buy!

Open 6/20 and 6/21 for sales

Come on in today noon-8pm and tomorrow noon-6pm because we are OPEN for sales.
The bathroom and gaming area is closed to customers but we have new products.
Hope to see everyone today or tomorrow.

Closed for Now

Deal Me In Games will be closed for the foreseeable future due to the epidemic. If we have any news, we will be posting it here. Thanks for your patronage and we hope to see everyone soon. Stay safe!

Deal Me In Games Status Update

Due to the updated information on the current health issues, Deal Me In Games will be closing the play area for everyone for the next 14 days. All events are cancelled. The retail space will be open from Noon until 8pm on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Noon until 6pm on Sunday. This will be in effect from March 15th until March 31st. We will re-evaluate the situation then. Thanks for understanding and please everyone stay safe.

Deal Me In Games Store Status

Deal Me In Games will be making decisions on open status on a day to day basis. We are planning on being open unless we are told otherwise. If you have any questions, please call the store at 484-415-0058 for information. Thanks! Be safe!

Deal Me In Games Vintage, Chili Cookoff March 8th Results

Thanks to everyone who came out for our 1st Vintage Tournament of the year. We had 14 people and 4 people who made Chili. The Chili cook Cookoff was amazing and we will be having another Vintage/Food event later in the year.

First with the more important results, all 4 Chilis were very different and very tasty. In the end, Tom Traverse’s Chili came out ahead. The 4 catagories were Color, Smell, Flavor and Heat. The heat mixed with the flavor of his Chili was amazing, and he took home a nice crisp Tundra for his win. Congrats!

On to the top 8.

  1. Josh Potucek -4c Breach
  2. Zach Dobbin -URW Pyro/Archo
  3. Evan Hundertmark – Painter
  4. Dave Reitnauer – RUG Pyromancer
  5. Dean Harris – UR Delver
  6. Stephen Silverman – Outcome
  7. Nicholas DiJohn – Outcome
  8. Alex Mathew – URW Pyro/Archo

For decklists, go here :

Deal Me In Games Vintage, Chili Cookoff, 2019 DMIG Championship Series Top 8 – March 8th

Deal Me In Games will starting off our 2020 Vintage tournaments with a Spicy event on March 8th.

The events for the day start off with the 2019 DMIG Vintage Championship Top 8 followed by are our first Vintage Magic tournament of the year with a Bazaar of Baghdad guaranteed at 25 people and topped off with a Chili Cookoff for and by people playing vintage.

Date for the event is March 8th.

2019 Top 8 starts at 10 am. This is invite only but watchers are welcome and encouraged. There will be free pastries and coffee for anyone playing or watching.
Doors open at 11.
Regular vintage tournament starts at Noon.
Chili tasting takes place after round 2.

Entry fee is $50.
Bazaar of Baghdad for first place is guaranteed at 25 people.
There will be a separate prize pool for the Chili contest with a dual land for first place (assuming we have at least 3 people bringing in Chili, more people equals better dual).

Players bringing in Chili can get set up as early as 10 11 am. After round 2 of Vintage, we will take a 15 minute break for the Chili taste off. Anyone who enters the Chili contest gets 1/2 price entry into the Vintage Tournament (this must be homemade Chili that is not just a can of Hormel thrown into a pot, please do not cheat).

If the finals of the 2019 Top 8 go into round 1 of the Vintage tournament, both of those players will get a round 1 bye for the tournament.

Any questions, shoot an email to me at or call the store at 484-415-0058 and someone will get me in touch with you. Hope to see you all there.