Magic: the Gathering Modern 1K tournament

We’re holding a Magic: the Gathering Modern 1K tournament at Deal Me In Games on Saturday, July 31st!

A 1K is a special MTG tournament where we give away a total of $1,000 worth of store credit as prizes!

This time around we’re using the Modern format, an constructed format similar to Standard. In Modern, you can play all your past standard all stars, save for cards banned specifically in Modern. See the link below for more info!

Deal Me In Games
125 East Philadelphia Ave
Suite A
Boyertown, PA 19512

Format: Modern
Click here for info about the Modern format:

Entry fee: $25

Registration opens: 11 AM
Tournament starts: Noon

1st Place: $400 store credit
2nd Place: $200 store credit
3rd & 4th: $100 store credit each
5th–8th: $50 store credit each

Modern Horizons 2 Pre-release

Deal Me In Games will be holding in-person Modern Horizons 2 Pre-release Tournaments on June 11th, 12th, and 13th!!!!

The format for each event is SEALED. Each player will get one Modern Horizons 2 Pre-release Pack to build a deck and play for 3 rounds. Lands will be provided at the event.

MH2 Set Booster Packs will be awarded to players based on their standings after the third round (see prizing info below).

Entry fee: $60

Friday, June 11th @ 7 PM
Saturday, June 12th @ Noon
Saturday, June 12th @ 6pm 2 Headed-Giant
Sunday, June 13th @ Noon

3 – 0: 5 MH2 Set Boosters
2 – 1: 3 MH2 Set Boosters
1 – 2: 2 MH2 Set Boosters
0 – 3: 1 MH2 Set Booster


Masks are required for all players and employees while in the gaming area (anytime you are sitting at a table, standing by a table, or are playing a game). This area will be clearly marked. There is NO exception to this rule! If this is going to be an issue, please pass on this event and we will happily see you at the next pre-release later in the summer.


There will be a maximum capacity of 32 players for each of our pre-releases (Sunday less, see below). We want to make sure that our customers and staff are comfortable as we transition into re-opening in-store tournament play and are limited in the number of kits we received. Only people playing in the tournament will be permitted in the play area.


The pre-releases are first come first serve and we will not be opening up registration until 1 hour before each tournament. Please do not arrive more then 1 hour and 15 minutes before registration. We only have enough kits for 32 players for each event. If there is any questions, please call the store to see availability. Due to walk in customers, the Sunday event will most likely be less then 32 players. PLEASE CALL SUNDAY STARTING AT 11 AM TO CHECK AVAILABILITY! 484-415-0058.


Parking on Saturday will be a challenge due to the street fair (this is also a plus as there will be great food outside you can eat, preferably outside). You can park in the lot by the Tae Kwon Do Studio. There is also parking at the Town Center Parking Lot a few hundred feet from our store.


We are currently remodeling the store, and while the carpet was paid for and scheduled for installation more then a month ago, we were informed Friday that it is delayed, and therefore we will be having the tournament in a partially remodeled store. Please bear with us.


I know this is a lot of rules, and a long time coming to be able to play in store again. Thank you all for your support and interest in this event and for sticking with us throughout the pandemic. We will be running FNM in the coming weeks, and are planning on opening casual in store play in July. You guys are the best, and we are happy to see (almost) all of you again! -DMIG

Black Friday 2020 Sale

Deal Me In Games BLACK FRIDAY SALE 2020
Friday, Nov. 27th — Sunday, Nov. 29th
Friday 9am-8pm
Saturday Noon-8pm
Sunday Noon-6pm

(table has MTG, Pokemon, Yugioh, Wall Scrolls, Sleeves, Deck Boxes, Minis, games, toys, etc)


Magic: the Gathering:
Draft Booster Boxes – $95
Zendikar Rising
Core 2021
Zendikar Rising Set Booster Boxes $10 off- $120
Commander Legends Booster Box $10 off – $120
Standard Draft Booster Packs – 3 for $10
Set Booster/Commander Legends Booster Packs – 2 for $10
Prerelease Kits 50% off – $15!!!!!!!!!!!
Zendikar Rising
Core 2021
Bundles – 25% off
All Challenger Decks – 50% off – $10
All Theme Boosters – $4
Signature Spellbook: Chandra 35% off – $13
Planeswalker Decks – 25% off
Commander Decks – 25% off
Arena Starter Kits – 30% off
Zendikar Rising Commander Decks – 50% off!!!
Prime Slime Secret Lair – $45
6 Foot Ikoria Table Playmat Brand New – 33% off (only have 1)

Phantom Rage Booster Box – $70
Phantom Rage Booster Packs – 3 for $10
Structure Decks (excluding Spirit Charmers) – 25% off
Spirit Charmers Structure Decks – 10% off
Speed Duel Starter Decks – 50% off
Maximum Gold – 25% off
2020 Tin of Lost Memories – 25% off
Legendary Duelist Season 1 – 33% off

Champion’s Path Elite Trainer Boxes – $10 off!!!
Theme Decks – 30% off
Box Sets & Tins – 25% off
Booster Packs – 3 for $10
Lunch Box Treasures – 25% off
Orbeetle V Box Set – 33% off!!!
Zacian V League Battle Deck – 33% off!!!
Sealed Build and Battle (10 pack) Vivid Voltage – 20% off – $400 (only have 1)

Dungeons & Dragons:
25% off all books
25% off all miniatures
25% off all Dice

Dark Souls / Warhammer / Bones Minatures:
25% off all

30% off all playmats!
25% off sleeves, binders, deck boxes, playmat tubes & dice!
Dragon Shiled ART Sleeves 33% off!!!

Board Games:
40% off everything!
Moop’s Monster Mashup Munchkin – 75% off!!!!!! (limit 1 per person, 11 available)
KeyForge Decks – $5 each

All Toys – 25% off

All Single Pops – 50% off!!!

Box Sets 80% off
Booster Packs $1 each!!

Disc Golf:
All Discs 10% off
All Bags 25% Off
Portable Disc Basket 33% off (only have 1)

DMIG Open Hours

Deal Me In Games will be open noon-8pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and noon-6pm on Sunday going forward for the foreseeable future.


The bathroom and gaming area is closed to customers but we have new products.

Hope to see everyone stopping buy!

Open 6/20 and 6/21 for sales

Come on in today noon-8pm and tomorrow noon-6pm because we are OPEN for sales.
The bathroom and gaming area is closed to customers but we have new products.
Hope to see everyone today or tomorrow.

Closed for Now

Deal Me In Games will be closed for the foreseeable future due to the epidemic. If we have any news, we will be posting it here. Thanks for your patronage and we hope to see everyone soon. Stay safe!

Deal Me In Games Status Update

Due to the updated information on the current health issues, Deal Me In Games will be closing the play area for everyone for the next 14 days. All events are cancelled. The retail space will be open from Noon until 8pm on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Noon until 6pm on Sunday. This will be in effect from March 15th until March 31st. We will re-evaluate the situation then. Thanks for understanding and please everyone stay safe.

Deal Me In Games Store Status

Deal Me In Games will be making decisions on open status on a day to day basis. We are planning on being open unless we are told otherwise. If you have any questions, please call the store at 484-415-0058 for information. Thanks! Be safe!