Black Friday


We have lots of GREAT specials available on Black Friday.
Everything in the Store will be discounted!
Up to 50% off select merchandise.
All booster packs 3 for $10.
10% off all Non-Standard Magic singles.
20% off all Standard Magic singles.
Buy One Get One Free on all Magic bulk singles.
20% off all YuGiOh and Pokemon singles.
All D&D books 25% off.
25-50% off all non-magic sealed product.
And our Bargin Bin returns! Who knows what treasures lurk within.

* Please note that all sale items are cash or credit card only, store credit may not be used for these items.


This weekends events:

Store opens at 10am both Friday & Saturday

11AM Friday – Magic 8 player Standard for a box of RTR, $15
3PM Friday – Magic 8 player Draft, 8 – 4 prize, $15
7PM Friday – FNM Booster Draft, 1.5 packs per player prize pool, $15
11AM Saturday – Pokemon League, FREE
2PM Saturday – YuGiOh League,each player receives a Turbo Pack,$5
6PM Saturday – Casual Magic, Draft, Standard, EDH, Legacy, Modern