Deal Me In Games Upcoming Events Oct 4 & 5


It’s time to journey again to another exciting plane in the Magic multiverse, and this one looks BIG!

Stand Among Heroes

Venture to Theros, a plane where gods, heroes, and monsters are an everyday fact of life. Hydras, gorgons, satyrs, and other creatures of myth inhabit this wild, mystical place. In Theros, heroes challenge themselves in the untamed lands beyond the city walls, set sail on the raging seas, and learn their destiny from divine oracles.

We have Boosters, Fat Packs and Intro Packs available.

We are also taking orders for boxes and cases of Theros. Prices are $110 + tax for boxes and $625 + tax for cases. Each order will also receive the DCI promo Sylvan Caryatid while supplies last.

October Friday Night Magic

This months promo card is Ghor-Clan Rampager!

10/4 Booster Draft + Standard
10/11 Booster Draft + Modern
10/18 Booster Draft + Standard
10/25 Booster Draft + Modern

Play starts at 7pm. Constructed formats $5 entry fee, Draft entry fee $15. 1.5 packs per player are put into the prize pool and divided among the top half of the field. 1st and 2nd place each receive the September promo card along with two random players who did not receive a pack prize.