Deal Me In Games Vintage, Chili Cookoff March 8th Results

Thanks to everyone who came out for our 1st Vintage Tournament of the year. We had 14 people and 4 people who made Chili. The Chili cook Cookoff was amazing and we will be having another Vintage/Food event later in the year.

First with the more important results, all 4 Chilis were very different and very tasty. In the end, Tom Traverse’s Chili came out ahead. The 4 catagories were Color, Smell, Flavor and Heat. The heat mixed with the flavor of his Chili was amazing, and he took home a nice crisp Tundra for his win. Congrats!

On to the top 8.

  1. Josh Potucek -4c Breach
  2. Zach Dobbin -URW Pyro/Archo
  3. Evan Hundertmark – Painter
  4. Dave Reitnauer – RUG Pyromancer
  5. Dean Harris – UR Delver
  6. Stephen Silverman – Outcome
  7. Nicholas DiJohn – Outcome
  8. Alex Mathew – URW Pyro/Archo

For decklists, go here :