Frontier, AR Gamedays, Kyoto PPTQ

Frontier at Deal Me In Games:

Frontier Tournament:

The Frontier Tournament will be held at Deal Me In Games on Sunday, February 26th at noon. Doors will open at 11 am, registration ends at 11:55 am and play will begin at noon. The cost is $10. Decklists are required.

Prize support: If we get 12 Players, first place is GUARANTEED a booster box of Aether Revolt!

In this Magic format, all cards must have been printed in Magic 2015, Magic Origins, Khans of Tarkir Block, Shadows Over Innistrad Block, Battle for Zendikar Block or Kaladesh Block in a Paper set. Other than that, the usual rules for constructed decks apply:

1. Minimum of 60 cards in the main deck(There is no maximum size for main decks)
2. Up to 15 cards in your sideboard, if used
3. No more than 4 of any individual card in the main deck and sideboard combined (with the exception of basic lands)

Magic Aether Revolt League

Magic Aether Revolt League is going strong. Come in and play.

Aether Revolt Gamedays:

Saturday February 11th, 6 PM, $5, Standard
Sunday February 12th, Noon, $5, Standard

Aether Revolt PPTQ:

Deal Me In Games will be hosting a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier (PPTQ) Tournament for PT Kyoto 2017 on Sunday, February 19th.

Here are the details:

Format: Standard
Entry Fee: $25 at the door
Date: Sunday 2/19/2017
Registration Start Time: 11:00 AM
Play Start Time: 12:00 Noon
Store Info: 127 East Philadelphia Ave, Boyertown, PA 19512
Phone Number: 484-415-0058
Email Address:

1st place: 1 booster box of Aether Revolt + Invite to Regional Pro Tour Qualifier for PT Kyoto
2nd place: 2x booster boxes of Aether Revolt
3rd – 8th: Packs of Aether Revolt based on Attendance of 16 people or more

Swiss rounds (expect 5 rounds); best of 3 games; Cut to Top 8

All players are eligible to play in a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier for this season except the following:

Players who have already won a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier during the current qualification season
Players with a Pro Tour Players Club Platinum Level, Gold Level, or Silver level (as of the date of the Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier).
Players that are members of the Pro Tour Hall of Fame.
Players who are otherwise already qualified for that season’s Regional Pro Tour Qualifier