Gatecrash Prerelease Reminder


Gatecrash is a little more than 3 days away! We will be offering 3 prerelease events on Saturday January 26th. The times are 9am sharp, 1pm (after the 9am one is finished) and 2HG at 4pm (after 3rd round of 1pm one). Cost of these events is $30 and each player will receive a Guild Pack (just like the RTR ones). To have your best chance at playing with your favorite guild, we are STRONGLY reccommending your preregister for this event. Please stop by the store and sign-up ASAP!

Booster boxes of Gatecrash are also available for preorder, cost is $110 + tax. This is a cash or credit card price, sorry no store credit for this release. Boxes will be available on Friday, February 1st.