Journey Into Nyx PreRelease at DMIG!

Rival The Gods! Journey into Nyx™ is the epic conclusion of the Theros™ block and the final steps in the Hero’s Path entertainment experience.

Theros has become a battlefield. The gods have sent their forces against the mortals to punish the hubris of a few. But the mortals have risen up in defiance and the time has come when Magic™ players will be tested against a god.

The Prerelease is Quest 7 on the Hero’s Path and the first chance for players to crack open booster packs and enjoy playing with the new cards in Journey into Nyx. At the Prerelease, players will also forge a powerful weapon to help them when they face the final Hero’s Path challenge at Game Day.

There are five (5) different Prerelease Packs to choose from.

White – Forged in Glory
Blue – Forged in Intellect
Black – Forged in Tyranny
Red – Forged in War
Green – Forged in Pursuit

Each prerelease kit will contain 5 Theros block boosters plus one additional seeded pack matching your Hero’s chosen path, a foil promo card, and a spin down life counter.

We will be offering FOUR prerelease events! The schedule is as follows:

Saturday 4/26  – Sealed Deck events at 9AM & 1PM plus a Two-Headed Giant Sealed Deck event at 6PM.

Sunday 4/27 – Sealed Deck event at 10AM.

If you preregister AND PAY for your events by closing on Friday 4/25 the cost for each event will be $25. This will also guarantee your choice of Heroes Path colors. 

Walk-ins will be accepted for each event based on product availability with an entry fee of $30.

We will also be accepting Booster Box preorders for $99+tax. Boxes must be paid for by the end of the Sunday prerelease event.