Magic 2020 Pre-release

Magic 2020 Pre-release: weekend of 07/05/19 to 07/07/19

We will be running 5 events:
a 7pm FNM PRERELEASE!!!! (first time ever)
an 1130 pm pre-release event on Friday night after the FNM prerelease
a pre-release event on Saturday at noon
a 2-Headed Giant pre-release event at 6 pm on Saturday night
a pre-release event on Sunday at noon

Everyone who plays in the Friday 1130pm pre-release will get free fresh made deep fried deserts provided by DMIG and made by Miss Anna.

The Prize Support for the pre-releases is expanded beyond the support Wizards suggests which we at Deal Me In Games will be providing. All the prize support packs will be given out at the pre-releases (which differs from how we handled this before).

The cost of the pre-release is $35 per event. If you play in 4+ events, they are $25 each.