Magic Origins Prerelease Information


The Magic Origins prerelease is apon us this weekend, July 11th and 12th. We are running flights on Saturday at 9am, 1pm and at 6pm a 2 headed giant flight. We are running an additional flight on Sunday at 11 am. Flights are $30 for your first flight and $25 each additional flight that day.


Flights on Saturday July 11th:

Doors open at 8 am.

1st flight: 9 am.

2nd flight: 1 pm (after the 9 am flight is over).

3rd flight 6 pm (after the 1 pm flight is over) 2-headed giant.


Flight on Sunday July 12th:

Doors open at 10 am.

Only flight of day: 11 am.


We are also pre-ordering booster boxes at $99 plus tax.


Hope to see you all there!