Mid March Update

Thanks everyone who is coming out and gaming. Our Friday Night Magic crowd is bringing in many new players each week. The 2pm Saturday Yugioh tournament is constantly hitting 10-15 people , and remember the more people the bigger the prize-pool. Our 11 am Saturday Pokemon League is 2 weeks old and growing fast.

A change for FNM is coming. The last Friday in every month is going to be Standard Constructed. We are constantly expanding our standard card selection to be ready for the new tournaments. We are also holding a Standard FNM the first Friday of April (6th). We will be giving out some special prizes that night so be sure to check it out.

Some new products we will be carrying in the next month: Dragon Shields sleeves, Blank Playmants, Side Loading Binders, white cardboard storage boxes plus much more.

We have the first Pre-Release of Magic at our store coming next month. Avacyn Restored Prerelease is April 28th. We are also taking Pre-Orders for Avacyn Restored boxes. They are $100 + tax if paid on or before the the 27th of April.

Lastly we have new Facebook and twitter buttons on the right of our page for easy navigation to those pages. Be sure to check them out. See you all at the store.