Our Vintage YGO Formats

As of February 2023, we are hosting Yu-Gi-Oh! vintage casuals with formats that rotate every other week. The formats are:


Yu-Gi-Oh! GOAT Format uses the same card pool as the August 2005 Shōnen Jump Championships in Indianapolis, IN, and gets its name from the popularity of the card Scapegoat at the time.

A great resource for more information about this format, including decklist ideas and more in-person events for this format, can be found here: https://www.goatformat.com/


YuGiOh Edison Format gives players a chance to experience the game as it was 13 years ago, or relive their childhood. It takes its name from the March 2010 final Shōnen Jump Championship in Edison, NJ, and uses the same format that was legal then: all cards up through the 2010 Duelist Pack: Kaiba, and takes into consideration the March 2010 TCG Forbidden and Limited List (found here: https://yugipedia.com/wiki/March_2010_Lists_(TCG) )

Decklists from the titular Edison NJ Tournament can be found here, for reference: https://infinite.tcgplayer.com/…/2010%20SJ%20Edison%20…