Return to Ravnica Prerelease

Return to Ravnica is one of the most anticipated Magic sets in a long time. We will welcome this great new set on Saturday, September 29th at 12 noon with our Sealed Deck Prerelease event. This prerelease is featuring a new twist with each player receiving a special Guild Pack.

For the Return to Ravnica Prerelease, you’ll choose one of the five Guild Prerelease Packs representing: Azorius, Izzet, Rakdos, Golgari, and Selesnya. Each Guild Prerelease Pack contains five Return to Ravnica booster packs, a guild-specific booster pack, a special alternate-art prerelease card unique to each guild, an achievement card, a Spindown life counter, a guild symbol sticker, and a letter from the guild’s leader. Players will then build a minimum 40 card deck with the contents of their Guild Pack. Event will be four rounds and prizes will be awarded based on your final record.

Note: For this event, players may use the promo card included with the Guild Prerelease Pack in their tournament deck.

Since there will be a limited number of each Guild Pack, we are strongly suggesting that players preregister to have their best shot at getting the guild of their choice. The cost of the main event will be $30.

A second prerelease 2 Headed Giant event will start at approximately 5pm. Each two player team will receive 2 Guild Packs and construct two 40 card minimum decks from the contents of their Guild Packs. Event will be three rounds and prizes will be awarded based on your final record. Cost of this event will be $50/team.

If haven’t already checked out all the amazing cards in this set, including the reprinting of the original Ravnica Dual Lands, please check out the spoiler at . Hopefully you will join us for these great events!

FNM schedule: 9/28 Standard, ($5) The first 25 players that register will receive a special Return to Ravnica deck box!