September FNM, Kaladesh Prerelease, D&D Info

Friday Night Magic September Schedule:

Draft $15
Standard $5
Draft $15
Legacy $5
Draft $15
Modern $5
Draft $15
Pauper $5
Midnight Prerelease
Draft $15
Standard $5

Kaladesh Pre-release:

Pre-registration for the Kaladesh Pre-release the weekend of 09/24/16 and 09/25/16 is open now at DMIG. We will be running 4 events, a midnight pre-release event on Friday night at midnight after Friday Night Magic, a pre-release event on Saturday at noon, a 2-Headed Giant pre-release event at 6 pm on Saturday night and a pre-release event on Sunday at noon. Everyone who plays in the Friday midnight pre-release will get free pizza. The Prize Support for the pre-releases is double the support Wizards suggests. The normal prize support packs will be given out at the pre-releases and then players will get the extra prize support packs the following weekend when the set releases. The cost of the pre-release is $35 per event. If you pre-register, they are $30 each. It is very imperative that if you want to play in the pre-release events that you pre-register as we are only allocated so many kits and we will sell out of spots.

We are also taking Kaladesh booster box pre-orders at $104.99 plus tax.

D&D Session Zero on Saturday 9/3:

“Brave adventurers to embark on a fantastic journey! A journey where you will visit exotic locations, meet strange creatures, battle cunning and powerful enemies! Join with allies, brave and cowardly alike! Only strong/dexterous/tough/smart/wise/charismatic adventurers may apply! Stop in for further details!”

A DM will be on hand to help teach the game’s basics to anyone interested in learning. This session is great for beginners who know NOTHING about D&D because it will be a very short and manageable Saturday night campaign for players to be able to try D&D for the first time.

Session Details:
the length of this campaign would be very short
at one month with one session per week
4-5 sessions
help with setting up in-game characters
DM provided
Fifth edition