Special DMIG Events, FREE FTV-20!

Special DMIG Events, FREE FTV-20!

Ok, so by this time, most Magic players are aware of the very limited From The Vault: 20 set which was released last week, and the amazing cards it contains. Can you say FOIL Jace, The Mind Sculptor!

And if you attended last weeks FNM, two of our players got a chance to pickup one of these sets for only $100 (the Jace sells for more than that alone). So, what are we doing this week?


That’s right, one of our players at FNM this week will walk away with one of these sets as a thank you for being a loyal DMIG player. But it doesn’t stop there. Five additional players will also have a chance to purchase a set again for the crazy price of $100!

So, come out and play in one of our two FNM events this week and get your chance at a piece of Magic history. We are also giving one more set away as a prize on Saturday, so be sure to check that info out further in this email. See you this weekend!

DMIG End of Summer Event Day!

Saturday, August 31st

Yes it’s true. Summer is quickly coming to a close, and many of you will be heading back to school. But, that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. In fact, at Deal Me In Games we kick up the action by offering a great day of fun events!

First on the schedule is a Pokemon Pack tournament. The format for this event is Unlimited. Yep, that means you can use ANY card from the Pokemon TCG in your deck. From the very first Base set, to the current Plasma Blast, they’re all legal. Cost of the event is only $5, and each player will receive a booster pack of their choice from our current stock. Additional prizes will be awarded to the top finishers in each of the three age categories. Start time is 11am.

Next up is our YuGiOh Tin Battle. The new fall tins arrive on 8/30, so what better way to celebrate than to duel it out with their contents. Each player will purchase 1 tin, and build their deck with the packs from the tin. Prizes will be awarded to the top finishers. Start time is 2pm.

Our final event of the day is a big one. It’s been a while since we have hosted an EDH tournament. So we have to offer some great prizes. If we have 16+ players, first place will receive a Commanders Arsenal. But why stop there? At 24+ players, the winner will receive a FTV-20! Can you say foil Jace, the Mind Sculptor plus all the other great cards in the set. Additional prizes based on attendance. Format will be 4 player pods, with the winner from each pod moving on to the next round. Standard Commander banned lists will be used. Entry fee is $10. So, get all your EDH friends together so we can hit that 24 player mark! Start time is 5pm.

August Friday Night Magic
This months promo card is Dimir Charm
8/30 Booster Draft + Standard

See you all this weekend!