The Magic Dexterity Board Game Olympics

The Magic Dexterity Board Game Olympic Great Feats of Dexterity Challenge Extraordinaire 2020 at Deal Me In Games will take place on February 15 at 6pm at Deal Me In Games.

Cost is $20 per person/$40 per team

Winning team gets a sealed Collectors Box of Theros Beyond Death

Each Team of 2 people will partake in events of different board games throughout the night and each game will be scored Olympic style with a Gold, Silver and Bronze medal being awarded and at the end of the night the two teams with the highest score will battle a winner take all Finals to win the Collector Box worth $300.

We will have al the games set up for practice the night before at Friday Night Magic if people want to come in and test the games out.

Games may include:

Clack Clack Lumberjack

Flick Em Up

Ice Cool


Tumbln’ Dice


Table Top Curling

Pitch Car

Luke & Luis

Villa Paleti

+ more