Upcoming Events – Magic PrePTQ, May FNM, MM2, Pokémon and DnD

PRE-PTQ for Pro Tour Milwaukee 2015

The Magic Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier for Pro Tour Milwaukee 2015 is being held on Saturday, May 2nd at Noon at Deal Me In Games.

Date: Saturday May 2nd

Time: Doors open at 1030 am, Registration closes at 11:50 am and Tournament starts at noon.

Format: Standard

Cost: $25

Prize Payout:

1st: Booster Box plus invite to Regional Pro Tour Qualifier for Milwaukee

2nd: 2 Booster Boxes

3rd & 4th: 18 packs

5th – 8th: 9 packs


May Friday Night Magic

7 pm

$5 constructed/$15 draft


May 1st: Standard and Draft

May 8th: Legacy and Draft

May 15th: Standard and Draft

May 22th: Modern and Draft

May 29th: Standard and Draft


Modern Masters 2 Release information

Release weekend at Deal Me In Games we will have on demand 8 man pods of Modern Masters 2 draft Friday and Saturday. They are $40 per person and prize payout is 4-2-1-1 in Modern Masters 2 packs.


Pokemon Pack Tournamnt

Saturday, April 25th

11 am


We will be running a Pokemon constructed pack tournament on April 25th at 11 am.


Dungeons and Dragons campaign information

May 2nd

5th edition

6 pm

Free to play

New and veteran players welcome