$10 FNM Booster drafts in June!

Hey Everyone!

Lots of cool things going on this month at DMIG, so I just wanted to highlight a few here for you.

Our FNM Booster Drafts will be at a cool price of $10 this month. So stop on by for some hot Magic action and get your chance to pick-up the DCI promo Acidic Slime card.

We also have a limited supply of the new Planechase decks this weekend. And while supplies last, everyone who purchases a Planechase deck will receive a special DCI Planechase promo card.

We also have the new YuGiOh and Pokemon decks in stock this weekend.

There are many other great events happening this month like the Pokemon Battle Roads tournament, the YuGiOh iPad tournament, and our Magic Legacy Duel for Duals tournament. So please check out the Facebook page for details. Or better yet, stop on by the store for some gaming action and see all the great things going on!

See you soon.