Hey everyone!

FNM will be Standard the next two weeks. Thanks to all our great players that came out to draft the past few weeks. Friday will be your last chance to get July’s DCI promo card Forbidden Alchemy. The August promo card will be Avacyn’s Pilgrim. FNM starts at 7pm and the entry fee for Standard wil be $5 with 1.5 packs per player placed in the prize pool.

Saturday August 4th at 6pm will be our Magic 2013 Game Day! This will also be a Standard format tournament. Each player will receive a DCI promo Mwonvuli Beast Tracker. The top 8 will each receive a Full Art Magmaquake and 1st Pace also receives a special Magic 2013 Playmat! Cost of the event will be $5 with 1.5 packs per player placed in the prize pool.

Pokemon Trainers League continues this Saturday from 11am-2pm. This is a FREE league and open to all Pokemon players. Bring your favorite deck and battle other trainers. Players will earn special Freeze Season promo cards. Our league leaders will also help you with deck building and are happy to teach new players!

YuGiOh Advanced Constucted league is each Saturday from 2pm-5pm. Cost of the event is $5 with each player receiving a Turbo Pack. Additional prizes are awarded to each weeks top players. We will also have the new set Hidden Arsenal 6: Omega Xyz available this week. Stop in and get some of the newest cards!

And finally Saturdays from 6pm until close is casual Magic and open gaming. Stop in with your favorite deck and get in a game or two of Magic, or bring in a favorite game and introduce it to new players.

One final note, our normal opening time on Fridays may be delayed he next few weeks. Mike was injured at his job and is unable to open the store. We will open as soon as Tom or Jason can get there from work. We appreciate your patience during this time. Mike hopes to be back in a few weeks.