$10 Gatecrash draft at FNM, Saturday Cube Draft, DRAGON’S MAZE PRERELEASE and TOO MANY GAMES CONVENTION

Last Gatecrash Draft – $10 Entry!

This months promo card is Call of the Conclave!

4/5 Standard
4/12 Booster Draft
4/19 Modern
4/26 Standard

Our last draft of a set tradition continues this week as we say good bye to Gatecrash (kind of) with a $10 entry into the draft. So head on over to DMIG on Friday and get in the fun!

Play starts at 7pm. Constructed formats $5 entry fee, Draft entry fee $15. 1.5 packs per player are put into the prize pool and divided among the top half of the field. 1st and 2nd place each receive the April promo card along with two random players who did not receive a pack prize.

Saturday Cube Draft!

$5 & $15 Pods

Its time once again to play with some of the most powerful cards in Magic’s history. Do you keep the Time Walk or Black Lotus in your pack? Is Wheel of Fortune or Sensei’s Divining Top the correct call? You’ll need to play to see if your choice is correct!

Play starts at 4pm and we have a $5 buy in pod and a $15 buy in pod. These will be limited to 8 players in each pod so please get there early to assure a spot in the draft.


Saturday, April 27th
Dragon’s Maze Prerelease Info

Our Dragon’s Maze Prerelease events will take place on Saturday, April 27th in the Silver Wing at Zerns. We will once again be offereing 3 events. A 9am Sealed, a 1pm Sealed, and a Two-Headed Giant Sealed at 5pm. Our allocations for this event have been increased so we can accomodate additional players. However; since the Guild Packs come 10 to a box, we will have less of each guild available. Therefore; it will be more important than ever for players to preregister for the events they wish to play in to assure they receive the guild of their choice. We have begun taking sign-ups and a couple guilds are about half reserved, DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE. Now here’s the really good news. The cost for the events has been lowered to $25 for the single events and $40 for the 2HG!

The prerelease will have a few twists in it as well. Each of your Guild Boxes will contain 4 Dragon’s Maze boosters, 1 Guild booster, and 1 Secret Alliance booster. Players will each be given a guild badge to wear throughout the day, and the guilds will compete against each other and race through the Dragon’s Maze. The guild that completes the maze first during each event will win additional prizes! Please check the Magic the Gathering website for all the info.


Friday, June 14th – Sunday, June 16th


Deal Me In Games is once again teaming up with our friends at Too Many Games to bring you an amazing weekend of gaming. There will be great CCG tournaments, board game tournaments, video game tournaments, artists, panels, and plenty of other great events to fill your schedule. We will have a table all three days of the convention.

The convention will be held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pa. just off the Rt 422 exit. You can purchase several different kinds of passes, including a 3 day badge, or individual day passes. Please click on the link above to check out your many options and the complete convention schedule and directions link.

We will be running several events on Saturday, June 15th.
The price includes your admission to the convention AND entry into the event! This means you may come as early as you like before your event or stay afterwards and enjoy all the other great convention happenings.

Here is our schedule of events:


Event: Modern Masters Booster Draft
Time: 11AM
Entry: $30
Format: Players will draft in pods of 8, but play against the entire field

Prizes: 1st Box of Modern Masters, 2nd Tarmogoyf, 3rd-8th DMIG Table Credit


Event: Advanced Constructed
Time: 1PM
Entry: $30, each player will also receive an Astral Pack for entering
Format: Swiss pairings

Prizes: 1st iPad Mini, 2nd (2) Booster Boxes, 3rd & 4th (1) Booster box each, 5th-8th DMIG table credit


Event: Modified Constructed
Time: 3PM
Entry: $20
Format: Swiss Pairings

Prizes: 1st Box of Plasma Freeze, 2nd 1/2 Box, 3rd-4th 1/4 Box. There will also be an additional prize for the top Junior & Senior players!

Settlers of Catan

Event: Tournament Rules
Time: 3PM
Entry: $20
Format: Play in 4 player pods, winner of each pod moves on to finals pod.

Prizes: 1st Copy of Settlers of Catan or Board Game of Choice from DMIG table.

*Note: Mayfair Games, the creator of Settlers will be a guest of DMIG all three days of the convention, and will be running demonstrations of their newest game, Star Trek Catan and taking questions about all their great games!

Sunday Events:

On Sunday, June 16th we will be running:

4 player EDH pods. $5 entry fee and 1st wins $20 DMIG table credit.

Return to Ravnica, Gatecrash, Dragon’s Maze Booster Drafts for $10 with a 8-4 pack payout.

*Note: Sunday event prices do not include convention entry.


Bryon Wackwitz will be a guest of DMIG all three days of the convention. Bryon was one of the original 49 Magic artists and designed art for cards such as Pendelhaven and Force Spike along with many others. He will be on hand to sign cards and talk about the soon to release book: The Gathering which reunites over 30 of Magic’s pioneering artists, and has unique new art for many of their famous early cards.

Please watch for future updates as we confirm additional artists as guests!