Grand Prix Trial – Providence and May Friday Night Magic

Grand Prix Trial – Providence

Saturday, May 11th, 10 AM

We will host our next Magic Grand Prix Trial on Saturday, May 11th. Registration is from 10-11am with round one starting at 11:30am. Format is Dragon’s Maze Sealed. Entry fee is $30. Each player will receive 2 packs of each of RTR-GTC-DRM to build a 40 card deck. Cut to a top 8 Booster Draft. 1st place wins a box of Dragon’s Maze(based on a minimum of 16 players) + a three round bye for Grand Prix Providence. 2nd-8th prizes based on attendance.

The store will open early at 10am this day. Hope to see you there!

May Friday Night Magic

This months promo card is Judge’s Familiar!


5/3 Booster Draft + Standard
5/10 Booster Draft + Modern
5/17 Booster Draft + Standard
5/24 Booster Draft + Modern
5/31 Booster Draft + Standard

Play starts at 7pm. Constructed formats $5 entry fee, Draft entry fee $15. 1.5 packs per player are put into the prize pool and divided among the top half of the field. 1st and 2nd place each receive the May promo card along with two random players who did not receive a pack prize.