Upcoming Events: Pokemon Professor Oak Day on the 18th and Free Yugioh Tournament with full prize support on the 11th

Pokemon on Saturday February 18th from 11am-2pm:
Attention all Pokemon players! Would you like to learn the game? If you are already playing, would you like to pick-up some advanced tips? Then don’t miss out on our Professor Oak day at Deal Me In Games! Saturday, February 18th, from 11am-2pm is the date and time. Professor Oak and his assistants will be here to teach all new players the basics of the Pokemon trading card game, and giving advanced lessons in the art of Pokemon Battling for current players. This will be a great way to learn the game before our organized play starts. So drop on by and see what the Professor has been working on in his laboratory!

Yugioh on Saturday February 11th at 2pm:
Ok YuGiOh players, it’s now your chance to get in the spotlight here at Deal Me In Games! Our YuGiOh tounaments start this Saturday, February 11th at 2pm and it’s FREE to play!! That’s right, no entry fee, but that doesn’t mean no prizes. We have come up with a fun and fair prize structure that is sure to please all our players. The format will be Advanced Constructed and the number of rounds will be based on the total number of players. Players should arrive a little early to register. Hope to see you there for our first YuGiOh event!

Looking for that card to complete your deck? We have greatly increased our inventory of YuGiOh singles, so stop on by and check out our binders and display case.