Weekend of 1/27

Dark Ascension prereleases start at midnite on Friday 1/27. So to give you a chance to play in one for FREE we will be running an EDH/Commander tourney starting at 6pm. Entry fee will be $5.00, with 1 booster pack added to the prize pool for each player. Players will be randomly placed into 4 player pods in round one. The winners from each pod in round one will playoff in round two. 1st place will win a FREE entry into the Alternate Universes Dark Ascension prerelease at midnite! Booster packs will be divided between the players in the second round. We will also have DCI promo cards for all players. EDH sideboard rules will be permitted.

On Saturday 1/28 Rachel Johnston, will be joining us in the store from 2pm-7pm. Rachel is a local model, beach volleyball player, has posed for several pieces of card art, and is fresh off her appearance on CBS’s Emmy award winning show “The Amazing Race”. Rachel will be signing autographs and talking about her adventures on the show. Don’t miss your chance to meet this beauty in person!

And finally, on Friday, February 3rd, to celebrate the release of Dark Ascension, we will be running a Magic Booster Draft with a $10 entry fee! Draft will be players choice of DKA-DKA-DKA or ISD-DKA-DKA. Prize pool will be 1.5 packs per player and will be divided between all players. We will also have DCI promo cards for all players.