Game Day this Saturday at 6pm.

Just wanted to remind everyone about our M13 Game Day this Saturday at 6pm. Each player will receive a DCI promo Mwonvuli Beast Tracker. The top 8 will each receive a Full Art Magmaquake and 1st Place also receives a special Magic 2013 Playmat! Cost of the event will be $5. The format for this event is Standard.

FNM is also Standard this week starting at 7PM.

Pokemon League is Saturday at 11am and YuGiOh League is at 2pm.

We will be starting Dungeons & Dragons play very soon! The time we are looking at would be Saturdays at 6pm. Please email us or stop in the store if you are interested in playing. We will be looking for a DM for our first campaign. Please contact us if you would be interested in running a campaign.

We will be hosting a Fall Pokemon Battle Roads in September. Please watch our Facebook Page and Web Site for info on this event. Preregistration for the event will start next weekend.

Hope to see you soon.