M14 Prerelease

M14 Prerelease

Saturday, July 13th

We will host our next Magic Prerelease on Saturday, July 13th. There will once again be three events to play in. Single Sealed Deck events will be offered at 9am and 1pm. Each player will receive 6 packs of M14 to build a 40 card deck. Cost of the single events at the door is $30. Prizes will be awarded to each player based on their final record.

The third event will be a Two-Headed Giant Sealed Deck event starting at approximately 5pm. Each two player team will receive 8 packs to build two 40 card decks. Cost at the door is $50. However; if you play in either of the single events the cost will be $45. Prizes will be awarded to each team based on their final record.

Players will receive the DCI promo card Megantic Sliver for each event they play in, while supplies last.

Boxes of M14 can be preordered also. Cost of a box is $110 + tax.

If you purchase a box of M14, you will receive the DCI promo card Rachet Bomb.

This looks to be one of the best Core Sets ever released. You can check out the entire card gallery at:


We hope you will come and play in one or more of these great events. Doors open at 8:30am. See you then!