Store News plus EDH League coming to Deal Me In Games

The public spoke and we listened. EDH EDH EDH. We will be starting up an EDH league on Saturday afternoons at the store. More details coming as we are going to poll the players to see what you guys want. Feel free to email us ideas and suggestions from the email link on the Contact Us page or stop by the store and let us know. As always stop in and play EDH or any other format for free anytime you want. Last Saturday we had two 5 man EDH pods going at one time! Who knows, this Saturday the store might throw some random prizes in for EDH games on Saturday afternoon, hint hint, come in and play! The store is also in the process of making some beginner EDH decks for sale for anyone who wants to get into the format. We are also restocking on our available Generals so people can play the decks they want to.

We are in the process of hammering out a calender for events. Look for that in February. Buy-lists are also coming in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned for that.

Deals are also going to start up beginning in February. They will be posted on the site and anyone who mentions the deal when purchasing or playing will be able to cash in. We are going to have a sweet deal this weekend: Spend $25 in the store in a single transaction and get a free booster! (does not include tournament entry.) Just mention you saw this on the site to take advantage of the deal.

Thanks to everyone who came and and gamed last weekend. We had 6 players for FNM draft Friday night, lets see if we can get up to 8 this Friday. We are really picking up steam and look forward to the coming months for many great games and events to play at the store.

If you have any Card Wants, please use the Contact Us page to email us so we can get you what you need.

Thanks for checking in and see you all this weekend at the store.