[Oaks, PA] 06/14 – 06/16 – Too Many Games Convention featuring Modern Masters Draft

Deal Me In Games in conjunction with Too Many Games is pleased to announce a very special weekend of gaming!

June 14th – 16th, 2013 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center Oaks, Pa.

Events will include Magic, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, plus many board game offerings such as Settlers of Catan. There will also be video game tournaments ranging from classics like Mario Brothers and Pacman, to current favorites Halo 4 and Street Fighter 2.

Now on to our Magic event:

Saturday, June 15th


Start time: 11am – SHARP!

Matches: Best 2 out of 3

Rounds: 50 minutes, number based on attendance, cut to top 8

Play Structure: Players will draft in pods of 8 but will play against the field

Rules: DCI Rel 3, players will be required to register their drafted decks


1st – Booster Box of Modern Masters
2nd – Future Sight Tarmogoyf
3rd – 8th Table Credit at DMIG booth based on attendance

This is based on a 25 player pool. Prize structure will scale upwards with additional table credit payouts for 26+ players.

The Deal Me In Games table will have plenty of great singles available at great prices including dual lands and Modern and Standard staples.

We are expecting a large tournout for this event. We are reccomending that players arrive EARLY! The doors to the convention open at 10am. Last year the line began forming before 9am, and there was not a popular Magic event running on Saturday. Again, ARRIVE EARLY!

On Sunday, June 16th we will also be running $10 RTR-GTC-DRM eight player booster drafts and $5 four player EDH pods. (seperate Sunday admission to the convention will be required unless you have purchased a 3 day pass)

We are pleased to announce our guest artists!

Bryon Wackwitz
Scott Kirschner
Matt Stawicki
Cathy Wilkins

Bryon and Scott are two of Magic’s pioneer artists. They have done art for several of the games iconic cards. They will also be featured in the soon to be released book, “The Gathering” which will feature new art from over 30 of Magic’s original artists.

Matt has done work for Magic, Hasbro board games, and the Everquest video game. Cathy has done work for White Wolf, Weird NJ, Wildside Press and Electric Wine and had been included in Spectrum collections.

Please stop by their booth to get cards signed or purchase a piece of their art!

Additional artists may also be announced so check back.

Your tournament entry fee includes all the benefits of the convention, including access to our guests, dealers room, concerts, panels, and all the video game action you can handle!!

Please visit the Too Many Games web site at www.toomanygames.com for additional information on the convention including: video game tournaments, dealers room, panels, start times for events and updates concerning the con!

The Expo Center is located just off Rt. 422 in Oaks, Pa. (10 min from King of Prussia & the Valley Forge exit of the Pa. turnpike) Please visit their web site for additional info and directions at: http://www.phillyexpocenter.com

Please check our web site at www.dealmeingames.com for additional info on the Magic events, and watch for updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages.